A Better Breakfast = A Better Day

We’ve all heard the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but have you ever considered why? It doesn’t really have anything to do with breakfast in particular, but more to do with the nutrients that we are giving our bodies when they are first gearing up to take on a new day. Here’s a little bit of advice for making the most of your breakfast, and living a healthier life.

What You Eat First Matters

The first thing you need to know is that your breakfast choices tell your body what to expect and crave during the rest of the day. The types of foods you eat encourage your body to start working in different ways, so sugary foods in the morning set your body on a path to wanting more sugary foods later on. Even fruits and nuts can give your body the wrong idea of what to do, which will ultimately lead to weight gain.

Creating a Balanced Breakfast

Even when you’re in a rush, the important thing is to make sure that you are giving your body a balanced breakfast. This includes a little bit of dairy, a little bit of protein and some fiber. Fruit can be a good source of fiber as long as you aren’t overdoing it. Likewise, protein from eggs and nuts can help keep you full so you won’t snack as much later, but don’t go overboard with the peanut butter. Lean Lifestyle’s American Omelet is a good example of how to balance all of these nutrients to create a wholesome meal even when you’re busy.

Keep Coffee Simple

Just about everyone wants that caffeine buzz early in the morning, but we also need to watch where it’s coming from. Coffee is a good source of caffeine that doesn’t have a ton of calories on its own. You can add a small amount of cream or sugar, but once again, you risk going overboard if you start ordering sugary coffee beverages. The biggest thing is to avoid sugary sodas and other drinks in the morning altogether.

In the end, the healthier your breakfast choices are, the healthier you will be. Your breakfast tells your body what to expect, fuels your activities throughout the day, and drives your body to ask for more of what it’s already had. If you start the day right with a healthy balanced meal, your body will want more balanced foods throughout the day. To learn more, check out Lean Lifestyle’s meal plans and see how we can create a balanced lifestyle for you!