Diet Tips for Better Skin

A healthy diet is about more than just weight management. It can also have a drastic effect on your overall health… even something as seemingly simple as the appearance of your skin. Your skin is an organ and it requires nutrients to keep it healthy, just as all the other organs in your body do. If you’re looking for ways to get better skin without having to slather on tons of products every morning and evening, here are a few diet tips to get you started:

Drink Plenty of Water

Your skin serves an important role in helping your body get rid of waste. Whether you like it or not, your skin needs to sweat and shed in order to keep you healthy. Staying properly hydrated actually assists this process and ensures that your skin is able to work efficiently at rejuvenating itself. Drinking the recommended two liters of water every day can make a big difference in everything from dryness to elasticity to discoloration.

Eat Healthy Fats

One of the best ways to keep your skin from aging is to make sure that you eat plenty of healthy fats. Healthy fats promote collagen production which gives your skin its ability to stay springy and smooth. You can find healthy fats in avocados, fatty fishes that are rich in Omega-3s, and many types of nuts. Just remember to eat these in moderation for the best results. You can find many of these ingredients in Lean Lifestyle’s paleo recipes like this Salmon Salad.

Eat Colorful Vegetables

Beta-carotene is an A vitamin found in many vegetables that are orange, yellow, and red in color. This includes sweet potatoes, bell peppers, carrots, and more. Beta-carotene is unique because it provides your skin with an added layer of protection against harmful UV rays. Over the long term, this natural protection will decrease the amount of sagging, wrinkles, sun spots, and other irregularities that normally come with sun exposure as we age. Lean Lifestyle’s Oven Roasted Turkey recipe is a perfect excuse to throw in some colorful vegetables today.

Switch to Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, and many studies have shown that making the switch to dark chocolate can actually have a positive effect on skin health. Anti-oxidants help build up skin tissue, smooth out fine lines, and reduce UV damage. This means that you can still give yourself a little treat while sticking to your diet.

A healthy lifestyle is sure to improve the appearance and smoothness of your skin over time. With a little bit of help from Lean Lifestyle’s convenient meal plans, you could be on your way to younger looking skin in no time! Sign up today to get started.