Four Ways Lean Lifestyle Is Like Having a Personal Chef

If you have always dreamed of having a personal chef to cook up your favorite meals and fill your home with healthy recipes, you’re in luck. Lean Lifestyle’s new delivery service offers many of the same benefits of having a personal chef without having to spend a fortune.

Fresh Ingredients All the Time

Everybody knows that a personal chef would never settle for subpar ingredients. That’s why Lean Lifestyle believes in only serving the highest quality, freshest ingredients we can find. This means that the time from harvest to your doorstep is minimized, so the fresh fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients retain as many of their nutrients as possible, and you can enjoy the whole benefit of the foods you are eating.

Fully Customizable

Another benefit of having a personal chef is that you can totally customize your meal plan, unlike many of the big name meal plans that are on the market today. With Lean Lifestyle, we give you that option by allowing you to update your preferences, dietary needs, and more through your user profile. When you do this, you can make special requests, or modify existing recipes that we have, to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want at every meal.

Freeing Up Your Time

We can hardly ignore the fact that a personal chef would save you hours of time in grocery shopping, food prep, and cooking itself. That’s why Lean Lifestyle decided that all of our meals would arrive on your doorstep ready to eat. While other meal plans send you raw ingredients, and hope that you can assemble the meal yourself, we know that your busy lifestyle demands a better solution. This is why we deliver several times a week, so that your food is always fresh, and you can pack it in your bag on the way to work, or keep it readily available at home when it’s time for dinner.

Branching Out

Of course, if it was all that simple, you might worry that you’d get stuck eating the same handful of recipes over and over. The good news is, at Lean Lifestyle, our dietitians and nutritionists are always working to create new recipes that add fresh flavors to the lineup. This means that you can try out new ingredients and meals, that you may not have had the chance to try otherwise. For instance, our Blackened Cod recipe is perfect for those who want to try something new this week.

As you can see, Lean Lifestyle offers a number of benefits to the busy individual who wants to make better food choices. By modeling our meal delivery service after the services of a personal chef, you can enjoy new foods, better ingredients, and tons of convenience without having to land a million dollar job. To learn more about our meal delivery options, visit us online today.