Heart Healthy Diets with Lean Lifestyle’s Meal Planning Service

Heart health is a large concern for many Americans, but not many know how to create a truly heart healthy diet for themselves. Meal planning delivery services like Lean Lifestyle can be an easy way to incorporate heart conscious foods into your diet. Here are a few ways that Lean Lifestyle will provide a heart-healthy diet:

Balanced Nutrients and Plate Proportions

One of the key components of a heart healthy diet is a balance of nutrients. One stumbling block most people experience is uneven proportions. With all of the advice about proportions and nutrients out there on the internet, it can be difficult for people who make their own meals to know what is the right balance. Some people eat too many carbs and not enough protein, whereas others rely too much on sugars, fats and sodium heavy foods. Lean Lifestyle meals are not only portioned out, they have a healthy balance of macronutrients, making it easy to take the guessing out of a balanced diet.

Meal Planning

Meal planning is another way to promote a heart healthy diet. Lucky for you, Lean Lifestyle meals are entirely meal planned. You can go online and choose exactly what meals you want to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner for the entire week, setting you up for success. This promotes a heart healthy diet because it minimizes the awkward stumbles of going to the grocery store and getting side tracked by picking up cookies and snacks on impulse. It also helps avoid the confusion with food labels, where you don’t know what unhealthy mystery ingredients are lurking inside. The more you can focus on the meals that are planned and not get side tracked, the healthier you will be. Luckily, Lean Lifestyle gives you fresh, whole foods and ingredients, so you can know exactly what is going into your body. We even have healthy snacks!

Cut Out the Bad Ingredients

When meals are prepared and planned for you, especially when they’re healthy options, you’re less likely to give in to foods that are high in sugar and sodium. These two things are major factors that contribute to an unhealthy heart, so using meal planning is a great way to remove them from your diet. Lean Lifestyle emphasizes healthy meals that contribute to a strong heart,  as we don’t have any hidden sugars or salt in our products, setting you up for a lifetime of success.

Emphasis on Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients like fruits and veggies are key to a heart healthy diet. Lean Lifestyles uses the freshest ingredients in every meal. Meat and seafood products are lean, hormone and chemical free. Our dairy products are farm fresh. Grains are fiber-rich and our wheat products are always whole grain. This emphasis on fresh ingredients not only ensures that our food products arrive at your door ready to eat, but that they will contribute to a heart healthy diet as well.

Lean Lifestyle can help you achieve a heart healthy diet with our prepared meal delivery service. For more information or to start on the path to a healthy heart, visit the Lean Lifestyle website today.