How Custom Meal Prep Assists Your Endurance Training

Endurance training is one of the most challenging fitness experiences a person can take on, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. A healthy diet plan is key to keeping your body fueled and energized. According to nutrition and fitness experts, there are four vital nutrients every aspiring endurance athlete should center in their diet: glycogen carbohydrates, good fats, protein, and electrolytes. Custom meal prep can help you make these necessary changes to your food regimen. Here at Lean Lifestyle, we have it down to an art. Here’s how: 

Glycogen Carbohydrates

Glycogen is the most vital way to fuel your body for high-intensity, high-cardio workouts. Because your body’s glycogen stores are limited, these nutrients are burned up in about 90-120 minutes of intense cardio activity. Custom meal prep can help ensure that you consuming these carbohydrates at the correct times and in the correct amounts to fuel your training. 

Good Fats

When you put your body through rigorous athletic training, good fats are key to maintaining your long-term endurance. If you feel like you’re hitting a wall during some of your longer training workouts, increasing your intake of good fats can help your energy and activity levels stay consistent. Avoiding bad fats is still key to your overall health, but a custom meal plan that incorporates foods like nuts and eggs can help your body stay fueled and active during those longer gym sessions. 


Sometimes, fitness buffs can forget that increasing your protein intake isn’t just for those who are interested in bulking up — it’s also important for keeping lean muscles in good shape. And, while it’s tempting to fall into an all-cardio, all-the-time routine when you’re training to increase your endurance, protein fuels the strength and conditioning workouts that are necessary to keep your body in peak performance mode. If you struggle with eating enough protein, custom meal prep can help you identify protein-rich meal options that appeal to your taste and your body’s fitness needs. 


When you do long workouts, especially cardio-heavy ones, it’s vital to increase your normal electrolyte intake to keep your body performing in top shape. While liquid electrolyte supplements are great for replenishing your body and staying hydrated, custom meal prep can also increase the amount of electrolyte nutrients like sodium, potassium, and calcium that you consume through your food.

Training to increase your endurance and fitness? Visit Lean Lifestyle today to learn more about custom meal prep that supports your wellness goals by providing healthy meals, delivered fresh to your door.