Top 3 Tips For Sticking With Your Paleo Meal Plan

Thanks to the rising popularity of CrossFit throughout the Valley, the paleo diet has become a common option for Phoenicians looking to pursue new fitness and wellness goals. However, many people who consider starting a paleo meal plan never follow through, often because they believe the no-dairy, no-legumes, no-grains requirements will be too restrictive or require too much cooking.

However, the paleo diet can yield incredible results, especially for active dieters looking to level up in their fitness routine. Here are three key tips for starting — and sticking with — a paleo meal plan: 

1. Stay Full

One major stumbling block for people considering a paleo meal plan is the misconception that, without rich dairy and starchy legumes and grains in their diet, their plates will have to be piled high with meat in order for a meal to fill them up. An empty stomach increases the temptation to cheat with unhealthy snacks. However, the paleo diet still allows for many filling, healthy meal and snack options.

High-protein options — with or without meat — will keep your feeling full, and high-carb plant-based foods will keep your stomach satisfied and your workouts fueled. Incorporating high calcium foods like kale, broccoli, and cabbage will also keep you from going hungry, and will offset the potential impact of giving up dairy. In fact, many paleo dieters report that they are able to eat smaller meals and snacks and feel fuller than before. 

2. Stay Active

While your food should taste good and bring you joy, our diets are our first and foremost a way of fueling our bodies. If you’ve started a paleo meal plan before but it didn’t seem to work for your fitness lifestyle, consider tweaking your meal and snack options to better suit your activity level. High-carb plant options can fuel your active cardio days, while high-protein meals and snacks are best for building strength and muscle. 

You can also adjust in the other direction by tweaking your activity level to suit your meal and snack choices. For example, increasing your protein intake and cutting back on carbs can offer runners and bikers a great dietary springboard to scale back on the cardio and dive into that strength and weight training they may have put off in the past. 

3. Stay Mindful of Your Body

The paleo meal plan can yield great results, but it is not a universal diet. While it can be tempting to use the number on the scale as your only metric for success, it’s more important to listen to what your body tells you as you determine whether a diet is working for you. Pay attention to your energy levels, how your clothes fit, and any bloating or digestive challenges as you figure out which foods fuel your body best. 

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