Why Lean Lifestyle Is a Different Kind of Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery services are becoming more popular by the day as people realize that they can eat healthier and cheaper without having to slog through the grocery store. Over time, several different types of meal delivery plans have branched out, and Lean Lifestyle is just one of many. We’re here to tell you why our system is different from all the others, and how it benefits you directly.

No Work On Your End

For the most part, meal delivery subscription plans provide customers with ingredients rather than prepared meals. These early subscription plans were designed to help people learn to cook with a variety of foods and introduce them to new ways of enjoying time in the kitchen. For some, this was like having a date night, but for others it didn’t solve the real problem: not enough time in the day. At Lean Lifestyle, we took a different approach. We wanted to provide our customers with 100% prepared meals that required no work on your end, so you can grab and go. You still get to enjoy unusual ingredients and fun new recipes, but you don’t have to worry about when you’ll have the time to experiment in your kitchen or whether you have the right tools to prepare the food you have.

Fully Customized

Another difference between Lean Lifestyle and other meal delivery subscriptions is that our local service allows you to work very closely with our chefs and nutritionists to completely customize your meals. While we do have a menu of favorite recipes to choose from, we also take into account your specific dietary needs and goals, so we can help you live a healthier life. Every detail, down to the serving size, is customized to you.

Totally Fresh

While the other guys are shipping their food a week at a time in freezer bags, we believe in only the freshest ingredients. That is why we deliver locally twice a week, straight to your doorstep. Your meals won’t be languishing in your fridge, waiting for you to get around to them, because they’re ready to eat and they’re already portioned.

Lean Lifestyle is the best meal delivery service for those who want to get their health under control and live better. If you need a quick and simple solution that checks all the boxes for a balanced diet, we’ve got you covered. To learn more, visit us online today and answer a few quick questions about your dietary needs. We’ll help you find the best meal plan in no time.