Working with a Customizable Meal Service for Your Diet

Demand for customizable meal services has increased drastically in recent years, but many conscientious dieters have still found that their options are limited. The good news is that with Lean Lifestyle’s flexible meal planning system, you can design your very own meal plan through our site. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Choosing a Customizable Meal Plan

Lean Lifestyle currently offers four meal plan options, some of which are designed for weight loss, while others are more advanced for personal training goals. How can you choose the right plan for you? Well, it will largely depend on what your fitness goals are. Are you planning to drop weight, add muscle, or maintain ongoing health? Whatever your vision, our set meal plans can set a template that you can customize as needed.

How We Plan for You

At the time you sign up, you will input information about your specific dietary needs and preferences. We use this information to carefully calculate your caloric intake and other requirements. You can also make special requests for certain ingredients that you want to exclude, or to boost certain ingredients if your doctor has advised you to change your diet. With all of this information at hand, we customize your meals and create healthy snacks so you will have a complete program full of balanced meals and curated to meet your goals.

Choosing Your Recipes

There is an added level of control that comes when you log in to your profile and search through our menu. From here, you can easily select your favorite recipes and exclude recipes you don’t like. This will ensure that you always get foods you love while still having the opportunity to test out new dishes as we introduce them. It only takes a few short minutes to make your selections, but once it’s done, you can virtually guarantee that you will love everything you eat and nothing will go to waste.

Fresh, Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Of course, a customizable meal service is only as good as its raw ingredients. Here at Lean Lifestyle, we take our responsibility to you seriously, and that’s why we do our best to only use responsibly harvested and sourced ingredients for all of our recipes.

If you’ve been waiting to try out a new customizable meal service, now is your chance to take advantage of Lean Lifestyle’s personalized meal planning system. All you have to do is set up an account and tell us what your goals are so we can start building a menu for you. Check out our meal plans to get started today.