General – Lean Lifestyle encourages all clients to visit a physician before subscribing to any of our dietary programs. Lean Lifestyle does not guarantee that any of its programs will enable the proposed physical, mental, or medical benefits of those programs. Lean Lifestyle does not guarantee that all client dislikes or allergens will be excluded from meals, snacks, sauces and/or seasonings. Lean Lifestyle is not a gluten or nut-free kitchen. Lean Lifestyle does not guarantee that gluten will be entirely excluded from the meals, snacks, sauces, and/or seasonings and therefore does not recommend this program for people with Celiac disease. Some ingredients may be offered undercooked, such as red meat; consuming raw or undercooked meats and seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Lean Lifestyle is not responsible for any illness resulting from the inadvertent inclusion, and subsequent ingestion, of client dislikes, allergens, or gluten. Lean Lifestyle is not responsible for meals that spoil due to client not refrigerating meals, prolonged exposure to sunlight, and/or client taking meals “to go,” or for any subsequent illness that results from meals being spoiled due to the aforementioned. Lean Lifestyle recommends all meals be refrigerated immediately upon receipt of bag, or by the very latest of 9:00 a.m. on the day of bag delivery, that meals be delivered to a location with adequate shade for such time that meals remain outdoors and are not refrigerated, and that if taken “to go” away from the delivery address all meals are repackaged with fresh, frozen ice packs or ice to keep them from spoiling. Lean Lifestyle meal plans are provided on an ongoing basis, meaning that Lean Lifestyle will continue to provide service until notified of a STOP date. All weekly meal plans will automatically restart unless a STOP date is specified. Any and all changes to an account (menu, profile, dislikes, START/STOP dates, meal requests/cancellations, and/or different delivery locations) must be made two business days prior to the desired date of said change(s). Any change(s) made to an account with less than two business-days notice cannot be guaranteed, and may be non-refundable. A minimum order of $19.95 per delivery applies to Lean Lifestyle food purchases. If an order does not meet this minimum, a surcharge will be applied to cover the difference. Payment -Lean Lifestyle services are billed on a weekly basis. Changes, suspensions or cancellations that result in a credit will be applied to the next billing cycle, or held until service is resumed. Lost and/or unreturned coolers are billed on a weekly basis at the rate of $55.00 per cooler. The cooler charge is fully refunded upon return of each missing cooler. Delivery – All meal deliveries are made by 5:00 a.m., Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lean Lifestyle does not accept requests for specific delivery times. In the event of circumstances beyond Lean Lifestyle’s control, or situations threatening the safety of the Lean Lifestyle Delivery Team, meal deliveries may be delayed beyond 5:00 a.m. A Lean Lifestyle delivery driver will pick up old coolers with each new delivery. Client accepts responsibility to place old coolers outside for pick up. Lean Lifestyle requires the appropriate keys and/or entry codes to a delivery location prior to the first day of service. Keys can be picked up Monday – Friday. Deliveries within the designated Lean Lifestyle delivery areas are included in the cost of the service. Deliveries outside of the designated Lean Lifestyle delivery areas are subject to an additional service charge. Meals are delivered to home addresses only. Lean Lifestyle requires two business days notice for address changes. Lean Lifestyle reserves the right to implement a fuel surcharge (for delivery vans) in the event of inflated gasoline prices.