4 Advantages of Local Meal Delivery in Phoenix

In the last decade, meal delivery kits have absolutely exploded. And while services may differ from one to the next, there’s a major difference between national operations and local meal delivery services based right here in Phoenix.

Here are four major factors that distinguish local meal delivery services from national corporations:

1: Access to Amazing Produce Year-Round

Winter in Phoenix is unlike winter anywhere else. While other local markets are bundling up and allowing gardens to lie fallow, we’re enjoying an extended growing season. Far from frozen packaged produce and canned options, we’re in the thick of the best access to winter produce in the country. With locally-grown Arizona products, paired with options from nearby California, we have a wide range of always-fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring that we deliver optimum flavor and health in every prepared meal.

2: Fast, Fresh Delivery

Many meal delivery services ship weekly boxes that sit on your porch until you come home. Anyone who’s lived through an Arizona summer knows that leaving meat on the porch is basically equivalent to cooking it then and there. Here at Lean Lifestyle, we understand what the powerful Phoenix sun does to fresh food, and that’s why we offer courier delivery, coordinated to fit around your schedule.

3: Less Waste

How do these meal delivery services survive by using porch delivery? Packaging. Lots and lots of packaging. And while that may keep food cool as it travels across the country, it leaves you with copious amounts of disposable ice packs and insulation. Because local meal delivery services don’t need to have the same level of delivered disposable refrigeration, we don’t have the same level of waste. Don’t just think about your own health; consider the health of the environment too!

4: Support Local Business

When you opt for local food delivery, you make a purchasing decision that ripples down the supply chain to support local food vendors, too. With each dollar spent, you’re helping to bolster the local economy of the state that you call home, creating jobs and supporting local interests, making Arizona a better place for all of us to live!

Lean Lifestyle is based out of Gilbert, Arizona, and offers prepared meal delivery to customers throughout the greater Phoenix area, from Chandler to Happy Valley. If you’re ready to reinvent your lifestyle and overhaul your diet, think local first. It’s the best way to get food that’s guaranteed fresh and convenient. Contact us to learn more!