Arizona’s Rock ‘n Roll Race

Every January, Arizona is home to one of the loudest marathon events in the nation. The Rock n Roll Marathon event takes place between Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe, covering a wide range of different terrain types and challenges. It is a great opportunity to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and take your fitness to the next level, all while enjoying some great music from your favorite rockstars.

About the Rock ‘n Roll Race

The Rock n Roll Marathon series is hosted by Humana. While the full marathon is the heart of the event, they also have a half marathon, 10k, 5k and even a 1 mile race. For the little ones, there is a kids’ race so you can get the whole family involved, or you can invite everyone out to watch you cross the finish line and cheer you on. This will be the 16th year of the event taking place in Arizona, and each year the event has grown to include a wider range of events, celebrations, and sponsors. This year’s race is set to be another groundbreaking year for the event as well as the participants.

Why Run a Race?

Sure, for most people the idea of running a full marathon is daunting. That’s why there are half marathons and smaller-scale sprints for those of us who want the benefits of training without the physical strain of a marathon. There are many known benefits for your health and wellness that come with running a race, even if you don’t take on a full marathon right away. For instance, starting to run on a regular basis is great for heart health, will help you lose weight, can improve your endurance, and supports a healthy lifestyle that can improve everything from mood to sleeping habits. Running is a great supplement to your other workout activities, such as weight lifting.

Running a race also has a social component. If you’ve ever felt alone when you went to the gym or jogged around your neighborhood, participating in a race is a great way to make friends and meet people who are encouraging along the way! After every race, there are always a ton of feel-good stories about people helping one another make it to the very end. Besides, who doesn’t dream of having a cheering crowd chanting for you as you push yourself through that last mile?

Finally, every race comes with its own unique set of medals that you can show off. The Rock ‘n Roll race series offers creative rock n roll themed medals each year. Not only is that medal a reminder of the things you have accomplished along your healthy living journey, but it also serves as an inspiration and invitation to your friends to take on the challenge for themselves!

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