Healthy Living Tips to Keep Your Diet On-Track

The hardest part of staying healthy is staying motivated after those first few weeks. While most of us are pretty gung-ho in the beginning, our excitement and expectations quickly collide with reality when we set foot on the scale, or as we venture into week 3 of going without our favorite treat. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to keep healthy living at the top of your mind so you’ll stay motivated.

Set Great Goals

A great goal must have five characteristics:

  1. It must be attainable.
  2. It must be measurable.
  3. It must be time-bound.
  4. It must be relevant.
  5. It must be specific.

As you set goals for yourself, make sure that your goals include dates, weights, and methods, and make sure that it is reasonable and healthy. In other words, saying that you want to lose weight isn’t enough. Instead, try something like this: “I am going to lose 20 pounds in ten weeks by using Lean Lifestyle’s Accelerated meal plan and exercising three times per week for 30 minutes.” Each of these elements is relevant to your goal, specific, and doable.


One of the best ways to keep your goals at the top of your priority list is by making time to review and track them regularly. Part of having great goals is measuring your success. By writing down what you eat and tracking your workouts in a journal, you can easily assess your progress along the way. With each passing day, you will be closer to your ultimate lifestyle goal.

Ditch the Junk Food

The easiest way to encourage yourself to eat healthy is to make sure that you have healthy foods at your fingertips. The next time you go grocery shopping, skip the chip aisle altogether. Instead, walk around the walls of the store adding fresh fruits, veggies, and other healthy options to your cart.

Have a Support System

Whether you work with a coach or simply call your best friend, make sure that the people who are closest to you are supportive of your journey. Having someone to call when you are having a rough day can really prevent you from sliding back into old habits. Likewise, having a friend to cheer you on side-by-side can motivate you to work harder and stick to the plan.

These are just four simple ways to stay motivated as you work toward a healthier lifestyle. With Lean Lifestyle, you can take advantage of our healthy eating expertise by allowing us to deliver nutritious foods to you every week. This way you can easily ditch the junk food, join our community of helpful supporters, and stick to your goals!