How Does Lean Lifestyle Work?

Lean Lifestyle is a Phoenix-based meal service that delivers healthy, chef-prepared meals to your door. It’s not a meal kit — it’s a service that helps you meet your fitness and wellness goals without forcing you to sacrifice your routine, your time, or your paycheck.

Where other meal delivery services lock you in to costly long-term contracts or extensive meal preparations, Lean Lifestyle’s unique ordering, preparation, and delivery model brings a healthy meal plan directly to you — no assembly or long-term commitment required.


How Does Ordering Work? 

When you start a Lean Lifestyle account, your first step is to choose the plan option that best suits your fitness and wellness goals. Once your plan is selected, you will be able to use our Client Panel to select any combination breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that meet your schedule and budgetary needs for the upcoming week.

Picking each week’s meals isn’t the only option for customization. Whether you have urgent dietary restrictions or just aren’t feeling a particular ingredient lately, you can adjust any meal you order to meet your exact specifications. You can also change your plan option at any time, and you can adjust your weekly menu choices and how many meals you order as needed — just make sure your changes to your next weekly order are requested 48 hours prior to your next scheduled delivery.


How Are Lean Lifestyle Meals Prepared? 

Every Lean Lifestyle meal is prepared in our kitchen by expert chefs using the freshest, healthiest food on the market. Each of our menu plans is grounded in extensive wellness research, and every single ingredient is weighted and measured for optimum nutrition and portion control as you strive toward your health and fitness goals. For advanced plan members and users who customize individual meal options, our chefs take extra care in creating a meal that meets your exact dietary specifications.

Each finished meal is placed in a microwave-safe container that you can store in your fridge until you’re ready to eat. All you need to do to prepare your meal is briefly reheat it in a microwave or oven — and for some of our options, including many of our lunches, even that small amount of work is unnecessary.


How Does Delivery Work?

The Lean Lifestyle courier service will deliver your chosen meals directly to your door three evenings a week: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Each delivery will contain your meals for the next 2-3 days.

Your meals will be delivered with ice packs in a sturdy cooler bag that keeps your food fresh and safe from desert heat and monsoon rain. Before your next order is delivered, you can leave your empty cooler bag and ice packs on your doorstep for pickup.

Interested in a meal delivery service that requires no assembly or long-term commitments? Visit Lean Lifestyle today to explore your options for a healthy meal plan that is chef-prepared and delivered fresh to your door.