Just What Do We Mean by “Fresh”?

Meal delivery plans are becoming more and more popular, but while a few big players have become ubiquitous, there’s still plenty of variety out there, and smaller delivery services are differentiating themselves through additional services, niche market appeal, and local customization.

Here at Lean Lifestyle, we’re a smaller operation than, say, Blue Apron or Freshly. In fact, for now, we only deliver to the greater Phoenix area. And while that limitation might keep us from tapping into the Silicon Valley foodie market, it also means that we can guarantee fresh in a way that other food delivery services can’t.

As a local business, our delivery is fast, with our food going from our kitchen to your door in the same amount of time it takes you to get home from work. Lean Lifestyle meals are delivered every few days, not once a week. Instead of a box on your doorstep, our meals are delivered by a courier service.

Fully Prepared Meals

One of the things that our customers like best is that unlike most food delivery services, our meal delivery plans are fully prepared meals, ready for you to quickly re-heat and eat, or simply eat straight from the refrigerated courier-delivered bag. Our customers aren’t necessarily interested in entertaining friends with fancy meals, or learning how to cook. Instead, they want an easy way to stick to their personal health goals without dedicating hours a day to shopping, researching, and prepping their meals.

Why You Want Fresh

Everyone claims that their food is fresh, but what does that really mean? And why does it matter? Well, of course, there’s the fact that fresh food just tastes better. As fruit ripens, starches are converted to sugars. With vegetables, energy is converted into consumable nutrients and vitamins. These nutrients are fed to the vegetable through the plant itself, so the moment that food is picked, the nutritional flow stops and food starts to degenerate. A review from UC Davis states that green beans lose up to 77% of their vitamin C after just a week of refrigeration. Most produce in America undergoes at least 2 days in transit, along with another few days in the store. By the time it gets to your house, it’s often already a week away from the vine, and then it spends another week or so in your refrigerator. Nutrients are also lost during the freezing or canning process.

Here at Lean Lifestyle, we deliver food from the garden to your plate in a matter of days, opting for seasonal, local ingredients whenever possible. We want your meal delivery plan to have the maximum nutritional value from your food. We also want you to taste the difference and learn that diet food doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice. Ready to put us to the test? Sign up here.

When we say fresh, we mean it!