Lean Lifestyle Is Reinventing Eating for Weight Loss

Before we enter the new year and the next decade, it is well past time that all of us know what eating for weight loss means. Most notably, it means eating healthy, wholesome foods that encourage natural body functions that keep us at a healthy weight. It doesn’t mean starving ourselves or giving up everything we love, forcing ourselves to choke down vegetables we can’t stand. That’s why Lean Lifestyle is working to change the way we think about eating for weight loss, so you can see success.

Understanding the Value of Your Calories

If you’ve ever counted calories, then you’re familiar with the frustration of getting the numbers right but seeing a change on your bathroom scale. This is because counting calories doesn’t give you the whole picture when it comes to your eating habits. In order to really lose weight, you first have to know which calories are helping you and which ones are hurting you. For instance, if you’re using up all of your daily calories on low energy foods, you’ll find yourself with cravings and hunger pangs at the end of the day. By contrast, if you choose high quality calories like whole grains and boiled potatoes, you can ensure that you stay full for longer periods of time without having to eat more.

Switching to Lean Proteins and Dairy

Another way to improve your eating for weight loss is simply to swap out some of your favorite proteins and dairy products for lower fat versions. For instance, lean beef, chicken breasts, and ground turkey are all good choices that are readily available without spending a fortune. Likewise, low fat milk and cottage cheese can help add some healthy dairy to your diet in no time. Our Ham and Cheese Scramble is a great breakfast option that features both lean proteins and dairy.

Trade Processed Sugars for Natural Ones

While most diets advise you to keep an eye on your fruit intake because it’s full of sugar, the truth is that when you’re craving sweets, fruit is a much better option than candy or soda. The sugars contained in fruit are more easily processed by your body, and they come packed with a range of other vitamins and nutrients that can help your body function better. Choosing fruit as a snack or addition to your lunch time salad is a great way to tame your sweet tooth without breaking your healthy habit.

To see more of Lean Lifestyle’s delicious menu options and learn more about eating for weight loss the right way, visit us online. Our expert meal planning team is here to help you find a meal plan that fits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.