The Key to Eating for an Active Lifestyle

Eating for an active lifestyle is a little different from eating for weight loss or any other kind of regular meal plan. For one thing, active people need more energy in their diets, and they can afford to take in a few more calories than usual. However, they must also be careful to ensure that the extra calories they are consuming are actually useful when their body needs more fuel to burn. Here are a few important tips for active lifestyle eating to get you started.

Add Energy with Healthy Grains

We know that carbs get a bad rap, but the truth is that carbohydrates are actually your body’s best friend when it comes to making energy. However, there is a big difference between processed carbs and whole grains, and you need to pay attention. When you know you will be running a marathon or participating in some other strenuous activity, load up on whole grains like pasta and breads that will keep your energy level topped up throughout your exercise.

Drink More Water

The importance of water cannot be overstated. Being properly hydrated ensures that your body is able to process waste efficiently and make the best use of the nutrients that you are consuming. Many nutrients are water soluble and can only be absorbed if you are properly hydrated.

Add Plant Proteins

Switching to lean proteins is always a good idea, but adding more plant proteins can be especially effective. This is because most plant proteins come with a handful of micronutrients that you won’t get anywhere else. Beans, soy foods, and leafy greens are all good sources of plant proteins that can help you reach your goals.

Eat the Rainbow

Different colors of fruits and vegetables tend to provide a wider range of nutrients than eating the same foods over and over. There is some science behind the types of nutrients associated with different colors of foods, so make sure to try some purple, yellow and orange options like Lean Lifestyle’s Chicken Mix Salad.

Before you stock up on energy drinks and protein powders, check out Lean Lifestyle’s Lifestyle Meal Plan designed specifically for those with an active lifestyle. Our team has put together an exceptional list of recipes that will keep you powered up and ready to take on any big event. Visit us online and you can have your first meals delivered within a week.