What’s in a Paleo Meal Plan?

The paleo meal plan is often referred to as a hunter-gatherer diet because of the rudimentary ingredients that make up the bulk of the diet. In other words, the goal of the paleo diet is to teach you how to eat fewer processed foods by turning to the raw ingredients that would have been available to our ancestors long before modern agriculture and food distribution. The good news is, the paleo diet is actually quite simple to follow because there are pretty clear lines drawn between what you can and can’t eat. For instance, added sugars and preservatives are a big no-no, while fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts are a staple.

What’s in a Paleo Meal Plan?

You might be wondering exactly what kind of meals you will be getting if you sign up for a paleo meal plan. Rest assured, you won’t be left to eat plain lettuce leaves and a handful of peanuts. Instead, the paleo diet includes a wide range of delicious salads and other recipes, including fresh eggs and lean meats that would have been available during the Paleolithic era. However, the paleo diet does put these ingredients to good use, ensuring that the finished recipe is low in fat and sugars, and as healthy as possible. The best part is that once your body gets accustomed to eating fresh foods without all the additives, you will find that everything tastes much better!

Paleo and Exercise

Naturally, the paleo diet is most effective when it is accompanied by a healthy dose of exercise. This should come as no surprise, since our Paleolithic ancestors were nomadic peoples who spent much of their time hunting, gathering, and traveling. The best thing to do is make sure that you are staying active while you are eating your paleo foods to ensure the best results. This will help your body make good use of the clean foods you are eating, and you will start to see improvements in your waist line within weeks.

Is Paleo Healthy?

The paleo diet has proven quite promising in a number of studies. Because it relies on fresh and unprocessed foods, it has been used to help patients with diabetes and a wide range of other illnesses improve their health. Many champion weight lifters and athletes also use the paleo diet to ensure they get the best performance possible.

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